Mig Welding Aluminum

We’ll help you learn how Mig welding aluminum occurs and how you can learn how to go about aluminum welding.

Choose the Equipment and supplies you’ll need.
Pick a more powerful welding machine for thicker material. As a guide, a 115 volt welding machine can handle 3mm thick aluminum with preheating. For thicker 6mm aluminum you’ll need something like a 230 volt welding machine. As a shielding gas you’ll need pure argon. When choosing an aluminum electrode you’ll want to choose something like the 4043 aluminum electrode. It’s thin enough to work well and thick enough to feed easily.

When welding, feed the electrode with an aluminum feeding kit. You can pick one up from your usual welding supplier or online at a trusted supplier. Keep your welding gun cable as straight as possible so the wire feeds through properly.

MIG Welding

MIG Welding is a type of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) that stands for Metal Inert Gas Welding.

MIG Welding is a welding process where an electric arc is formed between a consumable wire electrode and the piece of metal you’re working on. The electric arc causes the metal to heat up , melt, and join together creating a strong bond.

The main equipment that’s needed for MIG welding is a welding gun and wire feed unit. The welding gun contains important pieces like a control switch, a contact tip, a power cable, a gas nozzle, an electrode conduit and liner, and a gas hose.

There is also a power supply that uses a constant voltage power supply that produces positively charged Direct Current. This creates constant heat and power to the welding material.

A Shielding gas is also required for MIG Welding. This causes the welding surface to not be affected by gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. The usual gas used during welding is pure Carbon Dioxide.

Lincoln Mig Welders

Whether you are a beginner or a professional welder, we all know that Lincoln Mig welders are one of the top welding brands in the world.

I would like to especially recommend the Lincoln Mig welders for someone who is starting out.  The electric handy MIG welder is especially convenient for someone who is looking to weld for the first time.  Its very compact and lightweight.  It is what you call a wire feed welder that plugs right into an electric outlet.

It comes with a gun, cable assembly, work cable, clamp, gas nozzle, gas regulatory, gas hose, spool of solid wire, contact tips, and a hand shield with filter plate and lens.  This is basically everything that you need except the welding helmet and groves.

The reviews for Lincoln MIG welders are all rated very high and offer a high quality product at a reasonable price.